“The Greatest Viral Ad in Internet History”

— BoingBoing.net

I want an Ad Campaign


I want to launch my sales


I want to scale my brand


I want more customers

The ORIGINAL Poo Pourri smash hit

I want to double my revenue like PooPourri


I want to get into WalMart like Orabrush

First Ever Live Taping on YouTube

I want to do NEVER-BEEN-DONE stuff

World Record Nativity with The Piano Guys

I want a Guinness World Record

The Most Shared Political Ad in the History of Social Media

I want more Voters

Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign

I want to be President



I want to be on Nightline


I want trophies

Speaking Engagements

I want a sexy Harmon to speak at my event


Life on Bitcoin

I want a crowd-funding campaign


I want Harmon Brothers as an advisor



We work with amazingly talented individuals. Our work is largely project based so we bring different people on depending on the project. Here is our core team:

Jeffrey Harmon

Jeffrey is the mad scientist behind everything we do. Harmon Brothers love to “ZAG” while everyone else “ZIGS” and Jeffrey has the vision to make that possible.

Neal Harmon

Neal is the technical glue that makes Jeffrey’s visions reality. He codes, he builds, he negotiates, he just gets stuff done.

Daniel Harmon

Daniel has the designer’s eye that makes you LOVE our work. Seriously, our work just isn’t the same without a little TLC from Daniel.
See Daniel’s logo-design portfolio

Theron Harmon

As a producer and client liason, Theron’s happiest when clients are overjoyed. No wonder Theron smiles so much!

Kaitlin Snow

Kaitlin is our lead video editor. She loves the puzzle editing presents. She finds the sweet spot between quick hooks and comedic pauses leaving the audience satisfied but wanting more. She is the key to the rhythm our videos are known for.

Madeleine Flynn

Madeleine is the comedic marketer with a knack for problem solving. She helps us stay cool and tells us when we’ve made too many “poo” jokes.

Benton Crane

Benton let’s the creatives be creative by keeping all the boring stuff under control. You know, stuff like budgets, proposals, timelines, and deadlines.
I want to join the Harmon Brothers team

Famous Alumni

We love hiring super talented people. We don’t take credit for their talents and successes, but that doesn’t stop us from an occasional name drop. 😉


Devin Graham (a.k.a. Devin Super Tramp)

Jeffrey and Devin are old college roommates. Devin filmed the original Orabrush video that started it all. More recently, Devin was behind the camera helping on the Guinness World Record Nativity.


Stuart Edgington (a.k.a. Stuart Edge)

Jeffrey hired Stuart as an intern at Orabrush. Stuart quickly outgrew us when his mistletoe kissing prank went viral. He came back to be one of the stars in the Guinness World Record Nativity.


Austin Craig

Austin was the original Orabrush guy. He has starred in many other commercials and videos since then. He and his wife Beccy are the stars of Life on Bitcoin, a full-length documentary that chronicles them living on nothing but bitcoin for the first 90 days of their marriage..


Jacob + Katie Schwarz

The first time we hired Jacob & Katie was for Diary of a Dirty Tongue way back in our early days. They were great filmakers back then and they’ve kept developing into the world-class artists they are today. They filmed both the VidAngel Paintball video and the Guinness World Record Nativity. Honestly, we are not sure we have ever seen a better eye for color.


Many Others

We work with loads of super-talented individuals. If you are a talented writer, cinematographer, editor, developer, etc. please drop us a line.

I want to partner with Harmon Brothers

Brands that NEED to talk to us

Although we have marketed many different products and services, in various industries, we have found that our methods lend themselves best to products and services that fit the following criteria:

I NEED to talk to Harmon Brothers

Jeffrey and Neal were contracted by Dr Bob Wagstaff, in 2009, to create the original Orabrush video, Bad Breath Test, and the marketing campaign that drove its success. In October of that year, Jeffrey and Neal co-founded Orabrush Inc with Dr. Bob. Daniel joined Orabrush in 2010. All three Harmon brothers left Orabrush in 2013, and subsequently sold all ownership interest in Orabrush in 2014. Jeffrey, Daniel and Neal created the subsequent Orabrush videos while working at Orabrush as CMO, Art Director, and COO respectively. The Orabrush logo is a registered trademarks of Orabrush Inc. Harmon Brothers LLC makes NO claim of having been commissioned to create the Orabrush videos. They are simply part of Jeffrey, Daniel and Neal’s personal portfolio of work.

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